Does Your Vacuum Suck?

Does Your Vacuum Suck?

Meet with our central vacuum installation expert in Meridian, Boise, ID and the Treasure Valley

You haven't seen clean until you've vacuumed with a BEAM. If you're ready to see the difference a central vacuum system can have on the cleanliness of your Meridian or Boise, ID home, reach out to K2 Home Solutions today. We offer central vacuum installation services throughout the Treasure Valley area.

Unlike traditional tank vacuums that suck up most of the dirt, dust and debris but circulates the rest through the air, a professionally installed BEAM central vacuum system will remove 100% of the allergens. Not only will your floors and carpets look cleaner, but the air will be cleaner, too.

3 benefits of central vacuums

K2 Home Solutions is a leading central vacuum installation company in the Meridian, ID area. You can depend on us to design and install a custom central vacuum system for your home. We recommend ditching your traditional vacuum for a central vacuum because:

  1. Its high-powered suction can pick up 100% of allergens.
  2. Its light-weight hose is easy to hold and maneuver throughout your home.
  3. Its motor is located away from the vacuum for a quieter vacuuming experience.

Want to learn more about the perks of installing a central vacuum system? Call 208-406-1331 now.